Shipment to Cuba Supports Wide Range of Services in Pinar del Rio

When Program Officer Marisol Valentin visited Hospital Abel Santamaria in the Pinar del Rio province of Cuba last year, she found a brand new intensive care unit for cardiac patients and for those at high risk for cerebral damage, as well as a new waiting area for the families of hospitalized patients.  She also found a vast need for supplies and furnishings. Because this large hospital has a long list of services offered, they needed a variety of supplies, ranging from items for critical care to barrels of soap.

Global Links’ shipment last week to Abel Santamaria included both general supplies as well as very specific sutures and autosutures, mattresses, IV poles and wheelchairs. The hospital serves a population of 530,000, performs 70% of the surgeries and attends 90% of the births in the province, and runs a daily clinic that sees 1000 patients a day.

The size and scope of this hospital make them an excellent partner for Global Links because there are many areas in which we can be of help. And the care they take both of patients and their families makes this a hospital with which we are very proud to work.

Marisol Valentin, left, with staff at Abel Santamaria during her last assessment trip.

Please support our program in Cuba.



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