Rebuilding Haiti’s Healthcare System

Global Links’ shipment to Haiti last week was part of the ongoing Help Haiti Heal project. Global Links is working with MEDICC (Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba) and the Pan American Health Organization in a multi-national collaboration to strengthen the health system outside of Port-au-Prince. Because travel throughout the country is difficult, having health centers and hospitals distributed throughout different communities is a key component of increasing access to care.

The donation – a 40-foot shipping container packed with delivery tables, linens, sutures, and box after box of the supplies that make healthcare possible — is bound for a central warehouse that oversees distribution of the materials to a network of hospitals.

Haiti’s healthcare infrastructure was inadequate before the devastating double blow of the earthquake in 2010 and subsequent outbreak of cholera. It is essential to maximize the efficacy of every donation of medical aid through careful collaboration.

This project also empowers Haitian graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM), who are personally invested in making a long-term improvement in the health of their fellow Haitians.

Working within this well-organized framework, Global Links can be sure that the supplies reach the hospitals and doctors that will be able to put them to immediate and effective use. Find out more about how Global Links is helping to rebuild Haiti’s healthcare system.

In the delivery room at Mirebalais, one of the hospitals included in the Help Haiti Heal project.

Please consider supporting our work in Haiti.


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