“The Supplies Made Everything Much Easier”

“We had a great trip and saw many more patients than we anticipated,” wrote Sara Mar of  Shoulder to Shoulder Pittsburgh-San Jose, Inc. “The supplies made everything much easier. “

This local chapter of Shoulder to Shoulder works to improve healthcare in San Jose del Negrito, in Honduras.  Global Links has been working with them since 2001. By sending health brigades twice a year, the organization is able to form relationships within the community that lead to sustainable improvement in the healthcare available. Their Child Health Initiative includes travel to nearby villages for well-child checkups.

Global Links provided gloves, gauze, and materials for checking hemoglobin – an important part of a regular physical exam – as well as other supplies.

Finger sticks hurt! But the gloves and lancets from Global Links were essential for checking this child’s hemoglobin.

“In the past we always ran out of supplies and were unable to provide these aspects of care when this occurs,” Sara wrote. “We had many supplies remaining and were able to leave some with the local doctor for use in the clinic in the village where we worked so she can continue to perform exams and testing and we will also be able to use them the next time we are down there.”

Materials from Global Links were also used at the dental station.

Making a long-term improvement in healthcare is the goal of every Global Links donation. Please support our Medical Service Trip program.



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