Johns Hopkins and Global Links: A Winning Partnership

Helping their peers in resource-poor communities, keeping usable materials out of landfills – the medical staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital rose to the challenge. Last month, they participated in Global Links’ Save Your Scrubs collection, and sent 810 pounds of gently used and very much needed scrubs to Global Links for redistribution to hospitals in underserved communities.

Nurses Niki Giddings, left, and Kristi Bode, right, who ran the Save Your Scrubs collection at Johns Hopkins.

“This is a win-win for everyone,” said Hayley Brugos, Medical Outreach Manager. “Volunteers will be packing these in the coming weeks so they can be included in our upcoming shipments to Haiti, Nicaragua, and all the countries where we work.”

“Scrubs are so basic for anyone working in healthcare in the U.S., we rarely give them a thought, but they are critically important in reducing the opportunity for infectious material to be transmitted between patients,” says Global Links Deputy Director Angela Garcia.  “Their design makes them easy to clean, with few places for microbes to hide. In the communities we serve, critical medical equipment and medicines are in short supply; the purchase of scrubs cannot be a priority given the urgency of other needs.”

Over the past two years, Johns Hopkins has donated hospital beds, mattresses, IV poles and other medical supplies. We are thrilled to have them as a partner in Save Your Scrubs.


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