Donations in Uganda “Very Much Appreciated and Needed”

“The blood pres­sure cuff and stethoscope were very much appreciated and needed as they are very expen­sive to purchase in Uganda,” wrote Pauline Greenlick, Treasurer of Bright Kids Uganda. Global Links provided medical supplies – bandages, gauze, gloves, thermometers, syringes – that were carried to the clinic in Entebbe by Ms. Greenlick and fellow Bright Kids board member Louis Picard. Because of the donation from Global Links, Ms. Greenlick explained, the recently hired nurse at the health center “has readily available much need medical supplies to use for the many medical needs of 64 Bright Kids children.”

The supplies for the trip were sorted and packed – like most Global Links supplies – by volunteers, who dedicate many hours to making sure every donation meets high standards. The donated materials “definitely made a positive impact on the health of 64 children who have been affected seriously by HIV/Aids, poverty, conflict and abandonment,” Ms. Greenlick wrote. “On behalf of the 64 Bright Kids children who now have access to health care, medications and health support, I send you their thanks as well.”

Global Links is happy to share the thanks with our volunteers. Please visit our website to find out how you can help.

Bright Kids Founder and Director Victoria Nalongo Namusisi with some of the equipment donated by Global Links.

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