Team from St. Margaret’s Donates Time and Expertise

One recent Saturday, a team of operating room nurses, techs and administrative staff from UPMC St. Margaret came to Global Links to sort surgical instruments and gloves. This team of ten women was here for two hours on their day off, and got through hundreds of instruments and boxes of gloves.

Sharing their expertise in identifying instruments enables Global Links to pack appropriately for life-saving surgeries in resource-poor communities. Because of their help, the surgical staff at our partner hospitals will be able to provide the best care possible for their patients – something all medical personnel want to do.

And the gloves this crew packed will help our partner hospitals maintain sanitary conditions. Global Links included almost 100,000 gloves in a recent donation to Haiti, which is still battling a devastating outbreak of cholera. Read more about the importance of gloves and other supplies – packed by volunteers – here.

And while they were carrying out this life-saving work, it seemed as though they enjoyed themselves.  “I had a blast,” wrote one participant.  “What a great group! I had a lot of fun,” wrote another.

“Thanks to everyone for participating in a wonderful experience!” wrote Gayle McLaughlin, RN, CNOR, who organized the volunteer group. “Looking forward to making a return visit to support a great cause!!”

We can’t wait until this team of dynamos from St. Margaret’s comes back!



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