A Thank-You Note from Honduras

Two years ago, Global Links sent a donation of medical aid to a Maternal/Infant clinic in Dulce Nombre Culmi, Department of Olancho, Honduras. Our goal, for this project and every project, was to improve the quality of healthcare available to the community by sending such needed items as a delivery table, exam tables, beds and other furnishings. We hoped that the linens and other supplies would last a long time, and that the New Baby bags would encourage pregnant women to come for prenatal care and attended deliveries. 

We were so gratified to receive a note recently from one of the medical staff at the clinic, so many months (27!) after receipt of the donation. “I have found many items from your organization,” the note said. “The furniture and equipment are still in use for the poorest of my country. Here no one is charged for care.”The sender included photos of furnishings from Global Links, well cared for, and well used.  

At Global Links, we only send materials we would be comfortable using ourselves – materials that will stand up to years of use and make a real difference over the long term in a community’s health.

Read more about our work in Honduras and please make a donation in support of our work there. For $100, Global Links can include eight boxes of supplies in a shipment; $1000 furnishes two patient rooms. And years later, medical staff will be empowered to provide the best care possible because they have the tools to do their jobs. 

The clinic at Dulce Nombre Culmi, with some furnishings from Global Links.


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