Support for Help Haiti Heal

Global Links recent shipment to Haiti contained almost 100,000 exam gloves. While over two and a half years have passed since the 2010 earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area, the country is still recovering from both earthquake damage and the widespread outbreak of cholera, which hit the country only months after the earthquake. Now, Hurricane Isaac has destroyed some of the temporary earthquake shelters – shelters which were never replaced with permanent housing – and caused flooding which may lead to a spike in cases of cholera. It is difficult to imagine how badly those gloves are needed.

Global Links continues to work with 23 hospitals as part of Help Haiti Heal, which is supported by graduates of the Latin American Medical School (ELAM). This latest project in Haiti focused on basic supplies, without which medical care cannot take place. Stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, nebulizer filters and feeding tubes are necessary for primary care, and Global Links was able to provide over 400 boxes of items such as those. Maintaining sanitary conditions is essential in halting the spread of cholera.  In some hospitals, Global Links is the main supplier of these materials, all of which are packed by volunteers.

Global Links will be working in Haiti for many years to come – collaborating with our partners on the ground to ensure that our donations improve healthcare sustainably and effectively.

Learn more about Help Haiti Heal.

Please make a donation in support of our projects in Haiti.

At Archaie, basic supplies from Global Links improve primary care.


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