Building Specialized Medical Capacity in Nicaragua

Global Links’ most recent project in Nicaragua addressed some specialized needs in two large hospitals. We continue to work with Aldo Chavarría, a national referral hospital offering physical therapy to a population of over 10,000.  After our last shipment to Aldo Chavarría, we learned of a young man who received a prosthetic leg from Global Links.

Jairo received this prosthetic leg from Aldo Chavarría – and from Global Links – and regained the ability to walk.

Our latest shipment provides more specialized rehab materials such as this leg extension machine.

Physical therapy after orthopedic surgery is essential for a full recovery.

We also worked with Hospital La Mascota,  in Managua, to increase their capacity for pediatric cardiac surgery. La Mascota has focused on training more hospital personnel to perform these delicate procedures, and the supplies from Global Links will support their program and help them expand it.  The director of La Mascota, Dr. Gerardo Munguía, explained to Global Links Program Officer José Henríquez earlier this year that surgeries to resolve congenital heart defects have immediate results, and are often completely curative. The hospital’s expanded pediatric cardiology service should help them reach more cases of neonatal heart disease in Nicaragua.

Please support our work in Nicaragua.


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