Sutures from Global Links Saving Lives in Zimbabwe

When the young mother arrived at Nyadire United Methodist Hospital in Zimbabwe, she was near death, said. Dr. Kasombo Tshiani. She had labored at home, but her labor was obstructed, and her uterus ruptured. The baby was lost. The only thing that would save her life was an emergency hysterectomy. And shortages of the necessary surgical sutures are a frequent problem at Nyadire and throughout Zimbabwe.

Recently, however, a box of surgical sutures from Global Links had reached the hospital, carried there by volunteers from The Nyadire Connection. Dr. Tshiani found the appropriate sutures for the hysterectomy included with that donation, performed the life-saving hysterectomy, and the young woman left the hospital in good health, and able to care for the two-year-old child waiting for her at home.

Dr. Tshiani toured Global Links offices last week and received another donation of sutures for Nyadire, along with instruments for orthopedic surgery. Global Links has donated about 8000 sutures to Nyadire since 2005.

Please read more about Global Links Suture Program and make a donation.


Dr. Tshiani, right, along with Drew Harvey of the Nyadire Connection examines orthopedic instruments Global Links offered to Nyadire United Methodist Hospital.


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