Global Links Donations Reach Honduras

We just received word that Global Links donations have reached health centers in Gracias a Dios, along Honduras’ Mosquito Coast. Global Links shipments have now supported four of the five municipalities in Gracias a Dios in a strategic plan to improve healthcare in a department that has historically been left out of government priorities. These shipments also support the work of graduates of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), who share Global Links’ goals of improving access to healthcare in resource-poor areas.

Materials from Global Links are unloaded into boats that will carry them to the health centers.

Scarce medical personnel and a challenging terrain mean that some communities only receive visits from doctors or nurses every two or three months. Transportation is almost exclusively by small boat. While the Honduran Ministry of Health supplies the community health centers, their budget is not sufficient to fulfill every need, and unexpected outbreaks of disease may deplete inventories sooner than expected. Support from Global Links makes a big difference.

A house in Cauquira, where transportation is almost exclusively by boat.

In Brus Laguna, Global Links has equipped a new maternal infant clinic built by the Ministry of Health with bassinettes, exam tables and other furnishings and supplies. The Mayor, Dr. Marisa Bordas, told Global Links Program Officer José Henríquez that she could already see how significant the improvement in healthcare was going to be because of the support from Global Links. 

Watch our video about a donation of materials from Global Links reaching the Mosquito Coast – and please consider supporting our program in Honduras.


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