“This Is a Free Service …”


Making healthcare universally accessible, effective and efficient is a challenge all over the world. In Guyana, where the constitution mandates universal free healthcare, the barriers that must be overcome are geographical as well as financial. Global Links’ recent shipments to Guyana are supporting the Georgetown Public Hospital – the national reference hospital and the biggest hospital in the country, with an estimated annual patient population of 282,000. Global Links has also supported areas far from the capital of Georgetown in order to serve vulnerable populations who lack the means to make the difficult trip to the country’s capital.

Striking the right balance is essential – most of the population lives in Georgetown, so the benefits of this latest donation will reach many thousands more Guyanese. Containers of furnishings for the Emergency Ward as well as hundreds of boxes of critical supplies will improve the level of care available to the largest segment of the population.

Georgetown Hospital also provides residencies for graduates of the Latin American Medical School in Cuba (ELAM). The Ministry of Health in Guyana integrates the new doctors into the healthcare system by having them do rotations under the supervision of senior doctors, primarily at Georgetown Hospital, which not only enhances their skills, but helps them build a network among their fellow physicians.

Global Links supports hospitals that work with the ELAM graduates because they are dedicated to using their training to improve conditions in their home communities, which are often resource-poor. Supporting the ELAM graduates helps make healthcare more widely accessible – the goal and philosophy of Global Links.

Please support our program in Guyana.


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