Supporting ELAM Graduates in Guatemala

Global Links’ most recent shipment to Guatemala has reached Chimaltenango, a busy hospital serving a population of about 500,000. Eight graduates of the Latin American Medical School in Cuba (ELAM) are pursuing specialized training in OB/GYN and Pediatrics at the hospital, areas in which demand for service is very high. Global Links is committed to supporting the work of ELAM graduates in the countries where we work. 

The hospital has recently suffered from an unusually high maternal death rate, which was partly attributed to shortages of supplies as well as other factors.  A recently completed facility to improve OB/GYN services is intended to improve maternal health at the hospital, which attends 400 births and 500 prenatal visits a year. The donation from Global Links is intended primarily to support this new facility.








When Program Officer José Henríquez visited the hospital earlier in the year, he noted that the hospital director was sensitive to local traditional birthing practices, and that the new OB/GYN facility would provide options for vertical birthing, as well as other culturally sensitive practices.

The project was funded by a grant designed to support the work of ELAM graduates in public health systems.

Some of the ELAM doctors working in the hospital are (from left to right): Paulino Cusanero (OB/GYN), Homero Ramírez (PAHO Guatemala), Karina Orantes (OB/GYN), Ligia Juárez (Pediatrics), Claudia Paiz (Pediatrics), Jaqueline Estrada (Social Service year), and Jonathan Tun (Social Service year).

Read more about our work and please consider making a donation in support of our programs in Guatemala.


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