One Mother’s Connection to Global Links’ Nebulizer Collection

When Lindsay Joly heard her baby boy fight for breath at the age of four months, her first reaction was to rush him to an emergency room, where he was treated and given a nebulizer, or breathing machine, to use at home when he has respiratory distress.

Lindsay’s next reaction, however, was to think about parents in underserved areas – parents who love their own children as deeply as she loves Ethan, but who lack the healthcare resources available in the United States. Those parents often have to wait in line to use the only nebulizer in their community – if there is a nebulizer available at all. Lindsay wanted to help those families, and when she learned of Global Links Nebulizer Collection, she wanted to support it. In a big way.

Lindsay has set up a Blog-A-Thon on September 1 to raise money for Global Links Nebulizer Collection. All the details are available at her blogging platform, which links to FirstGiving, where donations can be made that go directly to support Global Links’ Nebulizer Collection.

We salute Lindsay for her creative fundraising, and for her empathy with parents and children far from her own home. Please look at Lindsay’s blog and read her story.

And if you have an idea about fundraising for Global Links – if you have a special connection to one of our programs or one of the countries where we work – please contact Deputy Director Angela Garcia.

Read more about Global Links Nebulizer Collection.


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