Todd Spencer – Making a Difference Every Day

Todd Spencer, a nurse at Children’s Hospitals of Pittsburgh of UPMC, directs medical surplus to Global Links, helps to sort and pack, and has seen it in use on medical service trips.

Todd Spencer is an RN in the Pediatric ICU at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  He has personally spearheaded efforts to help educate his peers about putting unused, unexpired supplies in the Global Links bin on his unit.  He has traveled to Haiti on a medical service trip and has seen what a difference surplus materials from the US healthcare system can make when struggling to care for a patient in a resource-poor area.  Although he often works the night shift, he also finds the time to volunteer at Global Links’ packing and sorting center.  He has taken part in the entire Global Links virtuous circle: donating usable surplus supplies rather than discarding them; carefully sorting and packing donations; using surplus supplies to improve health in an underserved area.  We salute Todd and nurses like him for making a difference every day.


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