Thanks from Armenia

We often hear from surgeons explaining how important sutures from Global Links are for their patients, but recently we heard from a patient as well. I am very happy to share with you this note from Armenia.

 “In operating on this patient, we used sutures from the Global Links Suture Program, which generously decided to make donations to our hospital 5 years ago.  For the past five years we have been receiving sutures and have used them in more than 70 major surgical procedures similar to this one, as well as in more than 2,000 smaller operations.  We have never had any complications when using the sutures…. We can say that the vast majority of those operations performed wouldn’t have been possible without the donated sutures. That is why we have let all our patients know how much they owe to the Global Links Suture Program for their successful treatment, and they are extremely grateful. This patient, in particular, wanted to express his thanks to Global Links and all US clinics participating in the Global Links Suture Program.  

Here are this patient’s words: ‘I was informed that our surgeons used sutures from Global Links when operating on me. I want to send my warm thanks to Global Links Suture Program and their suppliers for the great job which they constantly do for patients in many different countries. I will remember their help for the rest of my life.’”

I love to share these stories! We don’t often hear from the patients, but it’s wonderful to know he’s recovering well – with suture from Global Links.


Visit our website to learn more about the Suture Program at Global Links. You can also contact our Suture Manager with any questions or comments.


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