Medical care arrives via suitcase

Angelina is one of our dedicated student volunteers who sorts and packs life saving medical supplies everyweek at our sorting center.  She traveled in February with Hope to Hispaniola to the Dominican Republic, bringing healthcare and other support to villages of Dominicans and Haitians working in the sugar cane fields near the town of La Higuero.  Global Links staff packed several boxes of medical supplies to be hand carried to the D.R. and used in the clinics set up by the doctor and several nurses traveling on this particular trip.

Angelina shared with me how many of the people who came to their medical field clinics have the chance to see a doctor only one time per year when a medical brigade comes to the community.  She captured the challenge that many people around the world have in accessing medical care so well in the picture of the suitcase of medical supplies provided by the brigade.  She was also very impressed by how the elderly would walk four or five miles to reach them.  Can you imagine your grandparents doing the same to have their hypertension checked?

Angelina volunteered at the “parasite station,” where people who wanted it (and who were able to take it) were given anti-parasite medication to counteract unclean water and parasite infections from exposure to the dirt of the fields, road, and floors.  Their group additionally worked to fix a water purification system in the community.  Clean water and health are intricately linked together.

Because Angelina also knits, she made baby bags to pass out and you can see the picture of her holding one of the adorable babies with the a hat she had knitted as well as a picture of her with Dominican friends.  I think it’s great that a young person is so engaged in volunteering with international public health efforts here at Global Links and abroad.


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