A thank you note from Bolivia

Cobija, Capital of Pando – the northernmost department in the Bolivian Amazon region, is a city which is only a bridge away from Brazil. Last October, Global Links sent medical materials to the Roberto Galindo Hospital, which serves more than 50,000 people- Bolivians as well as Brazilians. The shipment reached the hospital during a visit of President Evo Morales who was present when the medical staff received Global Links’ donations.

During my first trip to Bolivia on Global Links’ behalf last month, I met the director and the administrator of the hospital, who were absolutely enthusiastic about the support they had received. They said it was a huge support which they needed so much. Among many other things I remember when the director, very spontaneously, mentioned how amazing they found the way the materials were packed: everything carefully boxed, clearly labeled, with contents adequately described. They made me understand how people there perceived what a thoughtful process was behind the donation… and I confirmed it. Yes, Global Links shipments entail a long and thoughtful process involving many thoughtful people… donors, Global Links staff, Bolivian government partners, and volunteers, yes, especially volunteers: AmeriCorps, student supply sorters, groups, individuals, regular, occasional…

I stop here. This is just a note. Thank you Global Links volunteers, you are amazing!


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