Going Green Has Never Smelled So Good

Warning for volunteers and visitors: It is now almost impossible to visit us without craving French fries. New Years resolutions beware.

Thanks to green initiatives taken by local groups and government, Global Links trucks are running on biodiesel derived from used cooking oil, which smells like French fries when processed.

Optimus Technologies and Fossil Free Fuel, both based in Bradock, PA, converted our trucks to run on locally processed vegetable oil that contributes to a cleaner Pittsburgh by drastically reducing carbon emissions. Truck conversions included modifications to the fuel lines and the installation of another fuel tank. David and the guys are even able to fill-up at our warehouse with a new 300 gallon storage tank, while we wait for the fueling stations to be completed in Pittsburgh.

This most recent reduction to our carbon footprint would not have been possible without the support of our great city and state. The Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities Biofuel Infrastructure and Training Program funded by a PA Department of Environmental Protection grant made it all happen.

If you would like to learn more about our environmental stewardship in healthcare and other initiatives, sign up for a tour of our operations http://globallinks.org/get_involved/attend_tour.php.


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