A Fast Pitch Home Run!

To be chosen the “Grand Slam Winner” by an audience of 325+ Pittsburghers truly affirmed our work and Pittsburgh’s place in the global community.

We were thrilled to even be selected for the Fast Pitch competition. Our work is innovative and unique, but so are many programs around the city. So, when we got word that we were selected, we were all very excited.

It was a fascinating experience from defining and crafting our pitch to memorizing and practicing the presentation. The benefit of coaching was great. Jeff Forster and Scott Leff from the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management provided excellent suggestions, feedback, and encouragement.

I think it’s a great format to help the participants really think about how to present the essence of why their programs are important… and all within a three minute time period.  This was not a simple thing for us when you consider the many facets of our work.

Our pitch combined our two separate locations into our Hamilton Avenue site which would allow us to expand our square footage, and our activity with the goal of doubling our output.  So many Pittsburghers want to join our Global Health Mission, and we want to make sure that we can accommodate every one of them.  We need everyone’s help, from individuals and church groups to the foundation and business community.  We’re so much stronger when we’re all working together!


One thought on “A Fast Pitch Home Run!

  1. Congratulations, Global Links, on winning the PSVP Fast Pitch. A friend of mine was at the event and had rave reviews for your presentation!

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